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Geometry Dash hacks for iOS

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iCreate Pro, developed by camila314, is a premium collection of tweaks, mods, and new features for the iOS edition of Geometry Dash. With over 40 different mods, this app is a must-have for any iOS Geometry Dash player.

What does it have?

iCreate Pro has over 45 features, too many to list right here. The biggest features, are:

Does it require a PC/Jailbreak?

Nope! iCreate Pro is completely jailbreak-free, which means you don't need a jailbreak to install it. A PC or laptop is recommended for a smoother experience, but it isn't required.

*The ability to install iCreate Pro without a PC/laptop is sometimes unavailable.

How much does it cost?

iCreate Pro costs $5 USD. You can purchase it here. It is a one-time purchase, you will never need to buy it again.